The Large Hadron Super Collider at CERN is just about to go live. This summer ought to see a massive number of sparks flying at the subatomic level. New microphotographs of protons smashing together at 99.99999% of the speed of light (186,282.46 miles per second in a vacuum, if I remember correctly from my youth).

One point I want to make sure to emphasize has to do with the key to these creative pursuits: Enthusiasm. And Energy.

Without those two key bedfellows, nothing big happens.

They are the true “secret” to innovation and creativity. I assure you that even Stephen Hawking celebrates those days where his energy is at an all-time high.

In my workout space I keep fast-adjusting free-weights and an oxygen concentrator (yes, just like they use in the hospital to provide near-pure oxygen for patients).

For me, I learned years ago that breathing 96% pure oxygen while working out (aka EWOT: Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) is a phenomenal way to completely clear the brain of cobwebs when too many 2 AM nights come in a row. A byproduct of running two high-tech web-enabled businesses.

Doesn’t anybody sleep anymore?

Energy = Creativity. Creativity = Innovation.

So… looking forward to seeing the LHC come alive. I’m thinking my house lights will dim and we’ll feel the earth shake. Not as much as these guys (who are suing CERN for creating this “monster”).

To your continued brilliant innovations,
Mark Alan Effinger

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