ThoughtOffice Software Development Team


The fundamental program layout and specifications for ThoughtOffice were defined by ThoughtOffice CEO, Mark Alan Effinger. From years working with Marsh Fisher to develop the final versions of IdeaFisher, Mark developed a keen sense of what would be needed to create the next generation of Internet-enabled Brainstorming Software.

But great, enduring design takes deep experience and incredible talent. Both of these were discovered in Chipp Walters and Chris Bohnert, who handled the coding chops, making ThoughtOffice an extremely robust, stable and feature-rich application. Chipp and Chris act as our in-house development team, extending our capabilities and helping to quickly adjust the technology to meet client needs.

In 18 years of working in software development, we have never worked with a more competent, insightful and easygoing group of folks than Chipp and his crew.

Chipp Walters, Lead Developer
Chipp is responsible for the continuing development of ThoughtOffice. A successful serial entrepreneur, Chipp has previously demonstrated his talent for combining graphic design with software products and services by building several highly successful companies.

ThoughtOffice Software Development TeamHis resume includes executive-level founding roles at ThePort, Inc. (a software firm in Atlanta), Human Code (a multi-national company developing custom interactive experiences for e-learning, digital business, and entertainment), Design Edge (an award-winning industrial design firm), and Altuit.

In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Chipp is the recipient of numerous industry awards in both interactive media and industrial design including being named one of International Design Magazine’s Top 40 Innovators, and one of the top100 Multimedia Producers in the country. Under his leadership, Human Code received numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze Invision Awards, as well as three prestigious Awards of Excellence.

Chris Bohnert
Chris is a recognized technology innovator with over 12 years experience in designing and implementing client-server and distributed server products for a variety of applications ranging from multi-media to customer relationship management to knowledge management and Geographic Information Systems.

His portfolio of customer engagements and accomplishments span Fortune 100 companies and government agencies including Texas Instruments, State of Texas, AT&T and Nortel Networks. Chris is an avid supporter and contributor to the Open Source Software (OSS) movement and in his off-time enjoys designing and building foldable kayaks.

Much of the initial testing and troubleshooting of ThoughtOffice was done by Eric Kinney, a Mac software developer with years of experience. His persistence in relentlessly pursuing the inevitable bugs that found their way into the early pre-release versions of the program was essential to creating the stable, robust application that is ThoughtOffice today.

Another contributor to the ongoing refinement of ThoughtOffice is Samantha Hall, the company’s Customer Support Specialist. Being in a front-line position, Samantha sees how customers are using the program, and helps them to get the most from the software. And as a ThoughtOffice user herself, she is also noting any glitches or inelegant behaviors in the program, and communicating them to the rest of the development team for resolution.


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