Mark Alan Effinger, Chief Evangelist and CEO
ThoughtOffice CEO Mark Alan EffingerI love brainstorming. Thrive on it. More importantly, helping clients move from Creativity to Productivity, from Concept to Cashflow. That’s where I get the greatest joy, and realize my purpose as a human, businessman and catalyst for your success.

As a consultant and (sometimes) interim executive to more than 300 client firms, I focus on innovation solutions and processes. These are one of the chief drivers to company and individual growth. Founding twelve companies, selling six, taking one into liquidation and one to Inc. 500 status has provided a fairly well rounded career.

Beginning in laser and scanning technologies I conceived, patented, manufactured and marketed the number one selling laser display system in the world (while living in the back of a health club in the questionable part of town).

Through acquisition, that company became one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, ranking 389th in the Inc. 500. I also founded a dozen additional startups including Mere Image Design Group (Ad Agency, sold in 1994), Eclipse Technology (Laser Advertising, sold in 1996), Continuum Software (Media Management Utilities), Storm Systems (Contracting, sold in 1996, still operating), Access Communications (ISP, sold in 1998), CFM (Product Development & Marketing), InterClient (Internet eCommerce Software, sold in 1999) and has held management and advisory roles at J.Stream (sold in 2001 for $28.5 million),, (still operating), IdeaFisher (you’re seeing it here!) and (sold for $28 million in 2006).

Mark’s latest projects include a role in,,, and the launch of our new Online Media Broadcast Platform .

David Lockman, Product Support
ThoughtOffice Product Specialist David Lockman Dave comes to us from the world of electronics manufacturing & design. A veteran / survivor of more than 25 years in high-tech, he has worked for a variety of Pacific NW manufacturers of video equipment, telephones & answering devices, semiconductor test probes, telecommunications data equipment, and more. Dave has a lot of hands-on experience with almost all aspects of the design and manufacture of electronics products, and has created entire documentation systems from scratch (procedures, tracking systems, engineering libraries, drawings & illustrations).

Circumstances and interest also led Dave to learn more over the years about marketing, sales, copy-writing, and the media. We think think that this human side of his experience in business helps to balance out the “geek” side of his nature.

From these years of experience, Dave has developed an understanding of the need for clear documentation, systems flow, and an intuitive feel for technology in everyday life. Deeply interested in all aspects of technology and its appropriate use, he is very excited about ThoughtOffice and is using the program on current business & personal projects.

Eric Kinney
Eric is responsible for managing the increasingly complex technical issues both inside and outside of ThoughtOffice.

With an extensive history as both employer and founder of telecommunications companies and technology/advertising businesses, Eric brings his broad scope of talent to the ThoughtOffice team.

Eric founded City Link in the late ’80s, developing a powerful and profitable intralata telecommunications business in the Portland metro area. In addition, he was cofounder of Access Communications, a Portland metro area ISP (Internet Service Provider), recently acquired by a growing Vancouver, WA communications firm.

Eric’s history also includes several years as a registered Macintosh software developer, during which time he wrote the Mac version of Paladin Measuring System’s pen-based blueprint takeoff software. In addition, Eric brings with him deep experience in the graphic arts field, including owning and operating Ink Spot Graphics Design, and developing a revolutionary 2-color printing process named Richtone, which gives images a 4-color impact using only two colors. Eric was critical in the development and operation of the eXpertSystem+eXpertLingo Creativity Suite, and worked tightly with ThoughtOffice’s software development team to provide a roadmap for the application’s functionality.

Samantha Hall, Executive Assistant and Customer Support

Ms. Hall provides Customer Support for ThoughtOffice. She has also been heavily involved in creating various support materials for ThoughtOffice including the integrated Help files for ThoughtOffice software and the Introduction to ThoughtOffice user guide.

Samantha’s history also includes managing content for ThoughtOffice, creating various support materials including online and PDF user-guides and managing blog content. She also has a background in nursing, started a decorative painting business at one time called Ballissima Designs, and is also currently working on her own website, Sow Your Destiny.


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