Today when I awoke
The morning blues hung over me
So, I looked it straight in the eye
I jumped into the shower
For ’bout an hour
Aw it was fine
Yeah, It helps me all the time
It’s soothin’ to my mind
Just to see those blues
Go slippin’ down the drain

OK, ok. I’m sure that dated me just a bit.

I used to listen to that while my tennis coach and I had breakfast. Great album by Chicago, with the infamous Terry Kath on vocals.

So this is where 10-20% of my ideas come from (and “yes”, I am responsible for generating ideas almost daily for clients, business partners, and employees).

The shower is such a natural place to brainstorm. The pink noise (see the video for Kaki King’s rendition of that sound… brilliant!), the cocoon-like warmth, the echoes, the absence of digital media to distract us.

My greatest challenge has been remembering and then capturing shower brainstorms so they could actually be put into action.

I often find myself sketching the idea in steam in the mirror.
Or drying my hands frantically to try to get the iPhone to produce something legible. More often than naught, a pad and pen save the day.

A reader just sent a note saying they have developed a new pad specifically for writing in the shower. Wonder where they came up with THAT idea… (Look for a review coming soon).

It’d be interesting to take a poll and see how many folks have coined viable ideas in the shower. It could be just the Idea of the Day… or the one that got away… or maybe the one that got the OK (from management).

How about you? Feel free to share. And I think I’ll grab a shower-centric URL and see if we can expand on this theme.

To your creative soaping,

Mark Alan Effinger
P.S. Look for the next post on Killing Road Turtles, coming next week.

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