Hi All,

Today’s post is about a new launch we’ve been working on for well over a year now… some say since 1998.

It’s not about brainstorming… but it IS an innovation. And it took plenty of brainstorming to pull it together.

Brainstorming, serious talent, a few late night martinis, and some wonderfully creative programmers and designers.

RichContent Unified Search Broadcasting Platform

What is it?

Well, tomorrow afternoon, casting a shadow over the Seattle skyline will be a 100-foot long banner, towed by our good friend Wayne Adair in his Cessna 172.

That banner, blue and yellow on black, is a declaration of what media is called on the web: Rich Content.

If you visit RichContent.tv, you’ll see the broadcast engine we’ve developed. Go ahead and sign up: its free!

Visit RichContent.com to learn about RichContent, and how you can use to to radically change your online visibility.

I’d write more (I really would) but we have a launch to complete.

Thanks for reading, and watch for ThoughtOffice v1.5 to launch this week. If you haven’t done so, click the “update” button under the Help menu, and watch for some great new features. Dave can tell you more.

To your (and our) amazing success,
Mark Alan Effinger
ThoughtOffice Corporation

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