And the blank page stares back. Taunting you.

How often have you been slain with this situation:
You sit down to craft killer copy for a client. Or need to pull from your mind some insight that really communicates your heart and mind at the moment…

And if you were driving, speaking into your iPhone recorder… or to a business partner or client, it might just flow.

Or might not.

It’s at these times I fire up the Mac, and using “my process”, I fill the page with a dozen insights… questions, answers, comments, feelings, people… and on and on.

It’s at these times some of my very best work arrives… Like a gift.

Blank Sheet of Paper

Never allow a blank piece of paper frighten you from your appointed round.
As Steven Pressfield says – “Go Pro”.

Resistance and Fear (from The War of Art)
There’ll be more tomorrow…

P.S. Blank Page Syndrome applies to everything. Most folks will tell you “it’s so much easier to edit than to start fresh”. I believe that’s simply a mindset. That once you engage your creative mind, a blank canvas is never blank. Your mind is always ready to fill it in. Just allow it to flow, and you’ll find magic within your #2 pencil… or your Rotring. Or your keyboard…

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