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Great insight into the reproduction rate of an idea.

As an SEO/SEM online kinda’ guy, clients often naively asked to “create a viral campaign” or ad. Uh, yeah. Let me get back to you.

In reality, it takes great creative, critical timing, an existing base of potential watchers and reproducers (seeds) and luck, luck and more luck. But the path to virality is engaging and fun. And worth the effort.

Here’s a landmark article covering the elements of a viral campaign, and what it takes. The math is invaluable in understanding the reproduction rate of an idea. Keep in mind that viral ideas require:
1) Interesting subjects (people have to give a &%$#). Or it never gains traction.
2) A value in passing it on: What does it do for the “seed” to pass it on? Make them more popular? Recognition? Ego boost? Perceived thought leadership?
3) Easy to share. If it’s difficult to pass-on, it’s not likely to go viral. So ensure the links and other pass-on elements are super easy to replicate.
Now, go read the article “Viral marketing for the Real World” and come share your thoughts.
BTW: Seth Godin wrote the original ebook on viral marketing called “The Idea Virus“. It’s still available for free at his website. You can download The Idea Virus HERE.

Then tell me what we did to make this PDF even more viral. First 3 correct answers get a free copy of our Private Investigation Module.


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