Hey, fellow brainstormers. This particular event, held in Paris France starting May 23rd, really caught my attention. In an effort to educate the average French consumer about the difficulties facing French farmers, the entire Champs Elysées was converted into a lush, green farm:

What really struck me was that this was a huge departure from the farm protests that have tied up traffic in Paris and other cities in the recent past. And that made me think. My dear old mum used to say, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. I am guessing that a Champs Elysées Farm Show made a far more favorable impression than a bunch of tractors crawling along, snarling up traffic:

And what’s this got to do with brainstorming? Darn good question. My suspicion is that the farmers put their heads together, and decided to think up some new ways of connecting with their “target market”. Now that’s some seriously good brainstorming.

What ways are you (or your clients or customers) using brainstorming to think of new ways to connect? Are you rethinking the things that may not be working? Coming up with more pleasant ways to present yourself? More honey, less vinegar?

David Lockman
Product Specialist
ThoughtOffice Corporation

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