Creativity and brainstorming software for comedians!What is humor all about, anyway? What makes us laugh? There are a lot of comics and screenwriters out there, making a living by making us laugh. One of the tools they use is ThoughtOffice.

Does that surprise you? Why? One aspect of humor is that of relationships – sometimes polar opposites – one thin clown, one fat clown (Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello). Or prim vs. outrageous (Margaret DuMont & Groucho Marx).

Relationships and associations are the meat and potatoes of comedy. (Hey, did you see that association right there? Meat & potatoes – a classic!) In this clip featuring Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder), the word associations and conceptual relationships are striking:

Of course, our customers already know that ThoughtOffice absolutely shines when it comes to exploring relationships between things, ideas, and circumstances. Our Comic Genius bundle is specifically designed to help comedians and writers explore humorous relationships through word & image associations, song lyrics, or keywords and phrases.

In fact, the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist was written (with ThoughtOffice’s predecessor) using the same process that ThoughtOffice masters: associative thinking. And speaking of movies, here’s a little video that shows how ThoughtOffice can be used to brainstorm new comedic concepts in a matter of minutes:

As you can see, you can quickly generate a list of funny words using the ThoughtOffice IdeaBrowser. I know this is kind of equivalent to looking up the word ‘fart’ in the Oxford English Dictionary, but you get the point.

Not to mention some great options built right into ThoughtOffice to help screenwriters and comics:

  • Import your own images from your desktop, or from Image Search
  • Organize / sort / edit in the ThoughtOffice session window
  • Storyboard printing option for immediate sharing
  • Intellectual Property protection and management features
  • Four ExpertTopics modules geared to creative writing
  • And more!
  • All included in ThoughtOffice. Right out of the box.

    Better get started. The next big (funny) thing is inside you, pounding on your rib cage like a drunken orangutan, trying to get out (and published). Take advantage of our current specials, and you’ll be crafting new witticisms faster than you can say… um… eh… something… that doesn’t take very long to say. Um. And is devastatingly witty. Yeah.

    All our wishes for a booming (and hilarious) season ahead,
    David Lockman
    Product Specialist
    (and Monty Python fan)
    ThoughtOffice Corporation

    Ni !

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