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The Idea Browser works like a high-powered brainstorming engine.  You can use this handy tool once you've added questions to your Session using the Topics Browser, or you can start your explorations here.

In this section, we will cover the following items:

1.  Idea Browser Overview
2.  Introduce you to the Content Tabs.
3.  Show you an example of what you will find for each Content Tab.
4.  Learn how to re-order the Content Tabs.
5.  Learn how to use the Saved Terms feature.
6.  Learn how to add content from the Idea Browser into your Session Document.
Interface Overview 1.  Content Tabs-Pre-defined content search tabs for performing quick searches on words entered into Search Field.

2.  Reorder Tabs Button-This function allows you to change the order that the Content Tabs appear in the Idea Browser.

3.  Tab Scroll Buttons-These buttons allow you to scroll left and right through Content Tabs.

4.  Search Field-Words are entered into this field to perform searches.

5.  Saved Terms Window-All words searched in a single Session will be listed here with the option to save with corresponding Session.  

6.  Refresh and Stop Buttons-These buttons allow you to refresh or stop active searches in Search Results Window.

7.  Search Results Window-This is where content for all searches will appear.

8.  Add to Queue Button-Selected text or images can be added to Queue area by selecting this button.

9.  Queue Image Window-Images added from Search Results Window will appear here.

10.  Queue Text Window-Text added from Search Results Window will appear here.  

11.  View Image Button-This feature allows you to view image in Queue Image Window at full scale.

12.  Add to Session Button-Selecting this button will add image and text from Queue area into your active Session located on the main interface of ThoughtOffice.

Idea Browser Tabs 1.  iStockphoto-Searches iStockphoto database for images related to search terms.

2.  Definition-Provides definition for the word entered into the Search Field.

3.  Keywords-Shows the most popular keywords on the internet for words entered into the Search Field.

4.  Word Association-Pulls up a list of words associated with the term entered into the Search Field.

5.  Quotes-Provides a list of quotes related to your search term.

6.  Hypernym-Use the Hypernym Tab when you wish to look up the different hypernyms of a word.

7.  Linguistics-Coming Soon!

8.  Lyrics-Pulls up a list of lyrics related to your search term.  

9.  Rhyming-Lists any words that rhyme with your search term.

10.  Synonym-Use the Synonym Tab when you wish to find words or phrases that are similar to your chosen word.

Please note that some search terms will not trigger any results in certain tabs (Hypernym, Synonym, etc...). As we improve the database over the next few months, both the speed of the search and the number of results will visibly increase.

In addition, we are working on a locally cached version of the images, as well as adding additional image search options users can add to ThoughtOffice that will have a much faster search, and larger thumbnails. Please visit ThoughtOffice .com to see the updates. Some will appear “automagically” as you launch the program. Other will require a download from the store to implement. Just rest assured that we’re on a continuous improvement path that will always work to provide a better, faster, more intelligent solution for your brainstorming.

To learn more about each one of these Content Tabs, keep reading.  We've included pictures to show each one of these features in action so you can explore the possibilities.

iStockphoto Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. And thanks to iStockphoto, they have over 1 million images available for your viewing pleasure with up to 14,000 new images being added each week.   Use the iStockphoto Tab to search for images related to your selected word.

1. Type a word in the Search Field.

2. Click on the iStockphoto Tab and the Search Results window will display up to twelve images related to your word.

3. If you are not satisfied with the current selection of images, simply click on the More button located at the top of the Search Results window. A new series of images will be displayed if there are any more available for that particular word.

Definition Do you remember the days back in elementary school when we had dictionary word races in class?  How I wish that I would have had access to the Definition Tab and Idea Browser back in the day!  Just type your word in the Search Field and the definition will appear in the Search Results window faster then the speed of light.  Well...almost!

Keywords We live in a world where SEO is almost a common household term... or acronym.  For those of you familiar with it, then you understand how important keywords are when it comes to positioning your business, products, and services on the internet.  The Keywords Tab in Idea Browser makes it easy to look up keywords related to your search term and presents them to you in a list sorted from the highest to lowest frequency.

Word Association Amaze your friends and impress your boss by coming up with an infinite number of word associations in a matter of seconds.  Associative thinking is what brainstorming is all about so we've included a Word Association Tab in the Idea Browser to help you find words related to your search term.  

Quotes Need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing?  Use the Quotes Tab to look up a series of famous quotes related to your search term.

Hypernym And that's Hypernym, not HYMNAL!  I have to be honest with you.  I tried looking up hypernym in my handy-dandy Oxford Dictionary and I cannot find it anywhere.  Nope.  I can only surmise that it's a relatively new word that some high-tech guru came up with just so we could create this highly specialized Tab feature.  With that said, I DID perform a search using our Definition Tab and our fountain of knowledge, otherwise known as WordNet, came up with the following...  

Definition for "hypernym"

The noun "hypernym" has 1 1.  hypernym, superordinate, superordinate word -- (a word that is more generic than a given word)

Here's another way of putting it.  Word "X" is a hypernym of word "Y" if the word "Y" is a kind of word "X". A hypernym for the word BRAINSTORM is the word THINK.

Now... if having to think about what I just said cramps your brain cells too much, go ahead and just PLAY with it.  See what happens!

Lyrics What do LYRICS have to do with brainstorming? Plenty!  I've often wondered how many pairs of jeans were sold the year Neil Diamond came out with his hit song, Forever In Blue Jeans.  Now I haven't personally performed a statistical analysis on the subject yet, but I would have to say that it had to be one of the best advertisements promoting jeans that I've ever heard...

1.  Type a word in the Search Field.

2.  Click on the Lyrics Tab and a list of songs will appear in the Search Results window related to your search term.

3.  Click on the title of any song in the list will then show the lyrics of that song in the window.

4.  Click 'back' to return to the previous song list page.

Rhyming I once had a vision
There was a collision
In the sales division
When they made a decision
With timely precision
On the benefits of univision
Without the need for supervison...

Who says you can't get creative on the job?  Although I may not be able to quit my day job with ThoughtOffice based on my brief rhyming muse above, at least you get an idea of how EASY it is to make associations with words that rhyme using our nifty little Rhyming Tab.  

1.  Type a word in the Search Field.

2.  Click the Rhyming Tab and if there are any rhyming words to be found, Idea Browser will make them appear like magic in the Search Results window.

Synonym Squeeze out every last drop of possible associations from each of your search terms.  It's important to look at ideas from every angle so the Synonym Tab feature is another opportunity to do just that.  Find different senses of the word and make new associations that can trigger even MORE new searches and possibilities.

Reordering Tabs With so many Content Tabs to choose from, the boys from Altuit developed a nifty little gadget that will reorder those tabs any way you please.  

1.  Simply click the Reorder Tabs button and a new window will appear listing all the Content Tabs in Idea Browser.  

2.  Use the arrow buttons to reposition the Tabs in the order you want them to appear along the top of Idea Browser, from left to right.  

3.  When you are satisfied with the new arrangement, click Ok and the Tabs will automatically relocate to their new homes along the top of the Idea Browser.

Saved Terms Idea Browser has another cool feature that allows you to keep tabs on all your search terms for each Session you create.  This makes it easy to keep a visual record of your word associations at a glance.  Each time you type a new word in the Search Field, the old word is automatically transferred to the Saved Terms box.  You also have the option to save this list for your Session or not.  Simply check or uncheck the Store In Session box above the Saved Terms window.

Adding Content to Sessions Ok!  So let's put all of this together in simple terms so you can see how easy it is to add new content to your Sessions....

1.  Simply type a word into the Search Field.  

2.  Use the Content Tabs to define your search.

3.  Use your mouse to select an image or text from the Search Results window and click the Add to Queue button.  (You can also hold the Command key + "D" at the same time to automatically transfer highlighted text to the Queue text window.)

4.  After selecting the right image and text, click the Add to Session button and it will appear as the last entry in your Session.  

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