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Main Interface Overview

In this section, we'll give you an overview of the elements you will find on the main interface of ThoughtOffice.

Topics include:

1.  Getting familiar with the main interface
2.  Menu Bar
3.  Toolbar
4.  Control Buttons List (Assistants)
5.  Session Document Window
Getting Familiar The main ThoughtOffice interface is where all the work is assembled. It consists of 4 main regions:

1.  Menu Bar
2.  Toolbar
3.  Control Buttons
4.  Session Window

Menu Bar The menu bar consists of most of the general functions you will find in other software programs: file, edit, font, size, style, and help features.  Any functions unique to ThoughtOffice are detailed in the section titled Menu Bar in the Table of Contents list.

Toolbar The toolbar consists of two rows located above the Session Document window.  The upper row provides quick access to controls related to your Session documents, including the Slideshow feature.  The lower row contains your Session editing buttons so that you may add and delete entries, move entries to new positions, add and delete images, change font colors,  create url links, and time stamp your Sessions.  


1.  New

2.  Open

3.  Save

4.  Print

5.  Session Properties

6.  Slideshow


1.  Add Entry

2.  Delete Entry

3.  Move Up

4.  Move Down

5.  Add Image

6.  Delete Image

7.  View Image

8.  Text Color

9.  URL Link

10.  Time Stamp

Control Buttons List (Assistants) 1.  Ideas! Button:  Opens Idea Browser

2.  Topics Button:  Opens Topics Browser where your eXpertTopic Modules are located.

3.  Coach Button:  Opens web browser to a pre-set link created by Module and Session authors.

4.  Help Button: Opens ThoughtOffice Help Menu.

Session Document Window The Session Document Window is where you create your Sessions.  These Sessions are easily assembled using a combination of 3 features; questions and images selected from the Topics Browser, content and images that you find in your searches using the Idea Browser, as well as adding your own thoughts, ideas, and images.

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