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This section contains everything you wanted to know about the ThoughtOffice Menu Bar.  Ok! Ok!  I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the most exciting area in ThoughtOffice, but there are some things located in here that we thought you might like to know about!  So let's quickly cruise through this section and I'll try to get us through it fast enough so that neither of us fall asleep at the wheel!  

You ready?

This section covers the following topics:

1.  Overview
2.  ThoughtOffice
3.  File
4.  Edit
5.  Font
6.  Size
7.  Style
8.  Help
Overview The Menu Bar consists of most of the basic functions that can be found in other software programs.  In this section we will look at what can be found within each heading, beginning with ThoughtOffice.

ThoughtOffice 1.  About-Shows information about ThoughtOffice and all of the people who contributed to it.  

2.  Preferences-Allows you to set preferences regarding font and color for Major Topics and Sessions.  

3.  Services-This feature is not part of ThoughtOffice and will only appear underneath this heading for Mac users.  

4.  Hide ThoughtOffice-Hides ThoughtOffice screen.

5.  Hide Others-Hides all other open screens.

6.  Show All-Shows all hidden screens.

7.  Quit ThoughtOffice-Closes ThoughtOffice program.

File 1.  New-Create a new Session Document.

2.  Open-Opens an existing Session Document that has been previously saved.

3.  Close-Closes currently loaded Session Document.

4.  Save-Saves currently loaded Session Document.

5.  Save As...Allows you to define how you will save your currently loaded Session Document.

6.  Export...Feature that allows you to export your Session Document as an HTML or text document. Session Documents converted to HTML will end in the extension .htm.  Session Documents coverted to a text document will end in the extension .txt.  Your original Session Document will remain intact in the location where you have saved it.  

7.  Session Properties...Allows you to define specific properties for each Session Document such as Name, copyright, branding, and more.  See Session Properties in the Table of Contents for more detailed information.  

8.  Import Module...Allows you to import new modules into ThoughtOffice. For more information, please see Importing Modules in the Table of Contents.

9.  Print...Allows you to print your Session Documents and/or save them as a PDF.  For more detailed information about this feature, please see Printing Sessions in the Table of Contents.

Edit 1.  Cut-Cuts selected text from Session Document and saves to Clipboard.

2.  Copy-Copies selected text from Session Document into Clipboard.

3.  Paste-Pastes copied or cut text from Clipboard into Session Document.

4.  Clear-Clears selects text.

5.  Select All-Selects all text.

Font Changes text within Sessions to the specified Font.

Size Allows you to specify font size of selected text within your Sessions.

Style This feature allows you to alter the style of font used in your Sessions.

1.  Plain

2.  Bold

3.  Italic

4.  Bold, Italic

Help 1.  Help-Selecting help in the menu bar will link you to the ThoughtOffice website.  

2.  Registration Info-This shows your ThoughtOffice license registration information.  Registered users have full access to all modes of ThoughtOffice.  

3. Check for Updates-This allows you to check for new updates to ThoughtOffice. A new window will appear asking for confirmation.  Select OK if you wish to continue, or hit cancel.  

4.  Reset All Plugins-Selecting this feature will allow you to delete all plugins and quit the ThoughtOffice program.  The next time you launch ThoughtOffice, it will automatically retrieve the latest versions of the plugins.  This feature will only need to be used if you are experiencing difficulties using a plugin.

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