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The Preferences feature allows you to predetermine settings for the font, size, and color for Major Topics and Sessions.

The sections covers the following topics:

1.  Major Topic Settings
2.  Session Settings
Major Topics Settings Major Topics Settings refers to the 4-stage outline that appears in the eXpertTopic Modules that are viewed in the Topics Browser.  Set the font, size, style, and color for each level in the outline as displayed in the image.  

Level 0 refers to the Main Headings you see when you first load a Topic Module.  

Level 1 refers to subheadings, comments, and questions.

Level 2 refers to sub-questions and comments.

Level 3 is the final level of questions and comments.

The image shows the default settings as they are currently displayed in each Topic Module.  Keep the settings the way they are or change them to better suit your needs.  For example, some people may wish to increase the size of the font to make it easier to read.

The Reset Prefs button in the lower left corner permits you to return to default settings at any time.

Session Settings You can also pre-define settings for your Session Document by selecting Session Settings on the Preferences screen. Here is where you can set and change the font, size, style, and color for the following areas:

1.  Module Questions-This will define how your text will automatically look in your Session Document when you transfer questions from the Topics Browser.

2.  Author Comments-Changing the setting for this area will automatically alter text when you answer questions within your Session Document.

3.  Viewer Comments-When sharing your Session Documents with other users of ThoughtOffice, the font settings for their replies in the Session Document can be pre-defined here.

You can return to the originial settings at any time by selecting the Reset Prefs button located in the lower left corner of the Preferences screen.

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