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Printing Sessions

In this section, we'll cover the basics for printing your Session Documents, including how to turn your Session Document into a PDF file!

This section covers the following topics:

1.  Session Printing Controls
2.  Page Setup Screen
3.  Print Preview Screen
4.  Print Screen
5.  Save Session as a PDF
Session Printing Controls 1.  Click the Print button and the Session Printing Controls screen will appear.  Here is where you have the option to select a printing style, and change the size of both the font and images.

Print Template Options:

•Standard Outline
•Pro Outline
•One-Up Slide
•3-Up Storyboard

Font Size:

•Very Small

Image Size:


Print Preview:

Check the box if you wish to preview your print layout prior to printing.
•Uncheck the box for faster printing.

2.  Select the Print button to move to the Page Setup Screen.

Page Setup Screen The next screen you will see is the Page Setup screen.  This is where you can adjust the following attributes:

1.  Settings:  Page Attributes

2.  Format for: (your printer)

3.  Paper Size

4.  Orientation:  Please note that you will need to select the Landscape orientation when using the 3-Up Storyboard template.  To switch to Landscape, select the middle icon.  

5.  Scale

Select OK when you are ready to proceed.

Print Preview Screen The Print Preview Screen allows you to see how your Session pages will look on paper before you print them out.  When you first launch the Session Printing Controls screen, you are given the option to select from one of four  print templates for your Session.  The corresponding image shows each of these options.

1.  Standard Outline: Images set to the left of text and vertically displayed with square border.

2.  Pro Outline: Layout similar to standard outline except displayed with a rounded corners border.  

3.  One-Up Slide: Portrait page orientation with only one image displayed on each page with text aligned underneath.  

4.  3-Up Storyboard:  Pages need to be set to a Landscape orientation.  Three images are displayed horizonally across the page with text underneath each image.  

You will also be able to see how many pages your Session will be.  Select the Next button to view each page and when you are ready, click the Print button to be taken to the final Print screen.

Print Screen Phew!  All of that hard work just to print out a Session but here we are!  Go ahead and adjust the following settings to your desired preferences:

1.  Make sure you have selected the correct Printer.

2.  Make adjustments to the Presets.

3.  Note how many copies you want.

4.  Select Print when you are ready.

Save As PDF NOTE-You also have some other options on this screen, including the ability to Preview your the layout of your Session Document, Save As PDF, and the option to Fax your Session Document.  For the purpose of this section, we will limit our focus to converting the Session Document into a PDF file.

Converting your Session Documents into a PDF file is a very handy option for sharing your Sessions with others.  

Simply select the Save As PDF button on the screen and your Session Document will be converted into a PDF file.  

*Note-Your original Session Document will remain intact in the same location that you have saved it and ending with the extension .exs.  The new PDF file will end in the extension .pdf and can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

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