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QuickStart Guide

Welcome to ThoughtOffice!  If you are ready to quickly dive into a Brainstorming Session, look no further. Follow along as we address the simple basics that will jump start your creative process!

In this section we will cover the following topics:

1.  Introduction
2.  eXpertTopic Modules
3.  Topic Module Basics
4.  Brainstorming with ThoughtOffice
5.  Multiple Ways to Share Session Documents
Introduction ThoughtOffice allows you to get creative and begin brainstorming immediately with our simple to use interface and powerful features.  Let's quickly cover the following concepts:

1.  How to use the eXpertTopic module questions to form the basis of your Sessions.

2.  How to brainstorm and search for content to add to your Sessions with the Idea Browser.

3.  Ways to preview and share your Sessions.  

eXpertTopic Modules eXpertTopic Modules provide hundreds to thousands of questions that help you brainstorm in three specific ways:

1) To prompt your thinking with open-ended questions,
2) To help you clarify and "drill down" on a situation, and...
3) To help you expand on an idea.

Topic Module Basics 1. Defining the problem or opportunity is a key to successful brainstorming. Each module is comprised of a 4-stage outline divided into topical categories surrounding the core subject. This acts as a guide to your creative process. The MBA's, PhD's and Experts who developed this module use the same process to brainstorm with their Fortune 500 clients, startups and students. Simply click the triangle next to each heading to expose the next level of questions, comments, queries or references.

2. To use these modules effectively, scan the main Topic Headings for keywords or ideas that seem relevant to your situation. Expand each Heading to reveal the sub-topics and related questions. Each comment or question selected in the outline, will appear in the viewer window below, along with any attached images.

3. To add eXpertTopic Content to your Brainstorming Session, simply click the "Add to Session" button below the viewer window, and the selected image and text will be inserted into your Session. These questions will serve as the basis of your Session and help you clarify your ideas. Don't worry about organizing at this stage; we make it easy to do that later.

Brainstorming With ThoughtOffice Here is how to begin expanding on Topic Questions that you have added from an eXpertTopic Module.

1. A proven way to get creative results is to find a word in each question that triggers your mind (usually a verb or active noun), select it, and then click the Idea button.  

2. The Idea Browser will open with that word in place to begin your exploration.  You can also type directly into the Search field to perform new searches.  

3. Each of the Tabs on the Idea Browser will provide you with content you can drag into your Session to help add "meat" to your responses. Don't be concerned with details. At this stage, exploration without limits is key to effective brainstorming. You can also see how to use the Idea Browser as the starting point for your Brainstorming Sessions in our HELP file, or online at

4. Clicking the various language and image Tabs in the Idea Browser allows you to explore different perspectives that may open new paths in your thinking. Simply drag content or images you find interesting into your entry.

NOTE: Keep entries relatively short, but without limiting quantity. This will make for faster, clearer brainstorming. Don't edit now, just keep the ideas flowing.

Multiple Ways To Share Sessions Organizing, expanding and previewing your Brainstorming Session is easy to do. Now that you have added your own ideas as well as what you found with the Idea Browser, you can Save, Brand (including a Copyright notice and your Name) and preview your Session in the following ways:

1) a sharable or encrypted Session...
2) a Slideshow Presentation
3) a printed document...
4) ...or as a branded and optimized PDF file.

See the following images...

Active Session Sessions can be shared with others for viewing or feedback.  They may also be encrypted so that only the people you want to view the Session may do so.

Slideshow Presentation To start a Slideshow, simply click on the slideshow icon.  The Slideshow Controls window will open where you can adjust the size of the screen and images before you start.  

Select Run and your presentation will begin!

Printed Document Sessions can be turned into printed documents by selecting the Print icon.  The Session Printing Controls window will appear where you can make adjustments to the font and image size.

Click Print and you will be taken to the Preview window so that you may see how your Sessions pages will look.  

PDF File Sessions can also be turned into a branded and optimized PDF file.  

Need More Help? If you want to learn more about any of the features and components in ThoughtOffice, please refer to the various topics we've outlined here in ThoughtOffice Help!

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