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Session Basics

ThoughtOffice makes it easy for you to organize all of your creative ideas and brainstorming efforts into an infinite number of Session Documents.  Let's take a look at how easy it is to create and work with your Session Document.

We will cover the following topics in this section:

1.  Adding and deleting entries.
2.  Adding and deleting images.
3.  Re-ordering entries in your Session Document.
4.  Changing the color of text entries.
5.  Learn how to create URL links.
6.  Learn how to Timestamp your Session Document.
Add Content to Your Session Document Each time you launch ThoughtOffice, you begin with a clean slate.  You can immediately begin adding content to your Session document, or you can continue to work on Sessions that you have previously created.

ThoughtOffice allows you to add new content and images into your Session Document in 3 ways:

1.  Use the Topics Browser to add questions from any eXpertTopic Modules that have been imported into ThoughtOffice.

2.  Use the Idea Browser to add more content, creative inspiration, ideas, and images that result from your searches.  

3.  Or add your own thoughts and ideas by selecting  the add entry button in the toolbar.

For more information about adding content to your Session Documents from the Topics Browser or Idea Browser, please refer to their respective topic headings in the Table of Contents of this Help guide.

Add and Delete Entries We've set up ThoughtOffice so that each time you launch the program, you can begin working on a new Session Document right away. To begin adding comments, simply do the following:

1.  Select the Add Entry button from the toolbar.  

2.  This will create a new entry box within the Session Document Window.  Inside this box you will see the words 'edit comment here'.  

3.  Start typing!  

If you have already added Questions from the Topics Browser to your Session, you can simply select the Entry box that contains the question and add your comments in the same box, or you can add a new entry box immediately underneath your question.  To do this, make sure that you have selected the entry box that contains the question you would like to answer, select the Add Entry button, and a new entry field will be inserted directly underneath the question.  

*To delete an entry, select the Del Entry button located next to the Add Entry button.

Now let's learn how to add our own images to an entry!

Add and Delete Images There are three ways to add images to your Session Document.  

1.  Images that are attached to comments and questions located in the eXpertTopic modules and added to your Session Document.

2.  Images that you have found using the Idea Browser and added to your Session.

3.  Images that you have on your hard drive that you can add to your Sessions.  

For this section, we will focus on adding your personal images to an entry.  For more information on images associated with the Topics Browser or Idea Browser, please refer to those headings in the Table of Contents of this Help Menu.  

Ok!  So we've added an entry to our Session and now we would like to enhance our comment by attaching an image to it.  

1. Select the entry box that you would like to add an image to.

2.  Select the Add Image button located in the toolbar.

3.  Locate your image on your hard drive.  Please note that images must end in the extension .jpg.  

4.  Voila!  You should now see your image in the entry box.  All images will automatically be positioned to the left of your comments.  

5.  You can also view your image at full scale in a separate window by selecting the View Image button located in the toolbar.  

6.  To delete an image, select the entry box that contains the image you wish to change or delete, then select the Del Image button located in the toolbar.  

Re-order Entries Once you have added a series of entries to your Session Document, you may find that you need to re-arrange the order of those entries from time to time.  Here's how.

1.  Select the entry box you would like to move.

2.  Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons located in the toolbar to reposition your entry to a new location in your Session Document.  

*Tip!  Be sure to Save your Sessions frequently to ensure that you do not lose any changes you've made to them.  That would be bad....

Change Color of Text Now that you know how to add text and images to entries, let's cover the basics for changing the color of your text.  In the toolbar you will find a Text Color button.  There are two parts to this feature; the colored box accesses the Colors Palette, and the 'A' font applies the color to your selected entry text.  

1.  The first thing we want to do is click on the colored box to open up the Colors Palette.  You will notice several options to select colors along the top of the Colors window.  Simply scan through those to learn more about them.  To keep things simple, you can select the box of crayons icon and pick a color quickly and easily.  

2.  Once you've picked out a new color, highlight the entry text you would like to change, and click the 'A' font in the Text Color button.  This will change your text to the new color.  

You can also change the font, size, and style of your text by accessing those features from the Menu Bar.  

You can also pre-set your font preferences for both Topic Modules and Session Documents in the Preferences section.  You can find this in the ThoughtOffice heading located in the Menu Bar.  For more information about Preferences, please refer to the topic heading in the Table of Contents of this Help guide.  

Create URL Link If you will be sharing your Session Documents with others, we've made it convenient for you to create URL links throughout your Sessions.  

1.  Highlight the word or phrase that you would like to link to a specific URL.  

2.  Click on the URL Link button located in the toolbar.  This will open up a new window.

3.  Simply enter the URL you would like to link the text to by typing it in the field.  Click ok.

And Presto!  Your selected word or phrase will be underlined, indicating that it is now linked to the prescribed URL.  

Timestamp Your Session Document Use the Time Stamp feature when you wish to mark your Session Document with the current date and time.  Simply select the text block you wish to mark and click the Time Stamp button.

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