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Personalizing each Session you create is easy to do with the Session Properties manager.  This is the place where you can copyright and brand your Sessions, as well as protect your privacy by creating a password protected access control list!

This section features the following topics:

1.  General Properties of your Session Document.
2.  Learn how to create an Access List.
3.  Learn how to brand your Session Documents with a logo.
General Properties The General Properties screen makes it easy for you to personalize each Session you create with the following information:

1.  Session Name

2.  Author

3.  Copyright

4.  Version

5.  Password-Creating a password for your Session is not necessary unless you want to limit the people who may view it.  See Access List for more information about this feature.

6.  Web Page-If you will be sharing your Sessions with others, you have the option of linking your Sessions directly to your own website.  Viewers will be sent to any website you assign to it whenever they click on the Coach button on the main interface.

Access List The Access Control List allows you to protect the privacy and contents of any Session you create.  This area enables you to assign a username and password to each person you wish to have access to your Session.  

1.  Simply check the Enable Access Control List box and it will activate the list box so you may add users to your viewing list.

2.  For each person, create a username/password.  One user per  line.  Note that the username and password is separated by a '/'.  

Branding Logo If you wish to brand your Session with a personalized logo, simply select the Use Logo box on the Branding Logo screen.  This will allow you to access your hard drive so you can locate your logo file.  

*Note-All image files must be JPG. (.jpg or .jpeg)

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