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eXpertTopic Modules by ThoughtOffice are an excellent way to jump start any brainstorming Session.  In this section, we'll cover everything you wanted to know about the Topics Browser so you can dive into those Modules and begin adding questions to your Sessions right away!

Here is an overview of what you will find in this section:

1.  Topics Browser Overview
2.  Learn how to load an eXpertTopic Module into the Topics Browser.
3.  Learn how to expand and collapse eXpertTopic Module outlines.
4.  Learn how to add questions to your Session Document.
5.  Learn how to import new eXpertTopic Modules into ThoughtOffice.
Interface Overview 1.  Topic Module Menu-Accesses Topic Modules purchased with ThoughtOffice or imported separately.

2.  Topic Outline Window-Selected Topic Module appears for viewing in this window.

3.  Expand and Collapse Buttons-Completely expand or collapse Topic Module outline.

4.  Topic Image Window-Shows image that is attached to comment or question in Topic Module.

5.  View Image Button-Allows image from Topic Image window to be viewed at full scale.

6.  Topic Text Window-Text selected in upper Topic Outline window will appear here.

7.  Add to Session Button-Adds currently selected image and text into your Session located on the main ThoughtOffice interface.

Topic Module Menu 1.  To access Topic Modules installed in ThoughtOffice, simply click on the arrows in the menu.  A new window will appear that lists all Topic Modules that are currently loaded in your ThoughtOffice system.  

2. Select your module of choice and it will be loaded into the Topic Outline viewer window.

3.  New Topic Modules can be added to your system by using the Import Module command from the File Menu.

Collapse and Expand Topic Outline Each module is comprised of a 4-stage outline divided into topical categories surrounding the core subject.  When a module is selected from the menu, it will be loaded into the Topics Browser and will appear inside the Topic Outline window for viewing, showing only the Main Headings within the outline.  (see image on the left)

There are two ways that the Topic Module outline can be expanded and collapsed in the Topics Browser.  

1.  Select the Expand and Collapse buttons located to the right of the Topic Module Menu as shown in the corresponding image. Selecting the Expand button will completely expose all 4 levels of the module's outline.  To completely close the outline and return to the Main Headings only, select the Collapse button.  

2.  Or you may expand and collapse small portions of the outline simply by clicking on each black triangle next to a comment or question.  

Add Questions to Session Now that you understand how to select and load your Topic Module, it's time to add questions to your brainstorming Session!  These open-ended questions will be used as the foundation for your Session by helping you drill down and clarify your ideas, problem, or situation.  

1.  Scan through the questions within any category that interests you.  

2.  When you come across a question that you would like to add to your Session, select it with your mouse in the Topic Outline window.  It will appear in the Topic Text window below, along with any attached images.

3.  Click the Add to Session button and both the text and image will appear in a new text block within your Session, which is located on the main interface of ThoughtOffice.  

4.  Select as many questions as you think you need in a category.  When you begin working directly with your Session, you can always delete questions that may no longer apply.    

Importing New Modules When the time comes that you want to add another ThoughtOffice Topic Module to your collection, you'll want to know how to magically beam it into your program.  Here's how...

1.  Go to the File Menu and select Import Module...This will bring up a new window that allows you to locate the new module on your hard drive.

2.  Select your Module file (the extension end in .mdl) and click Ok.

3.  Open up the Topic Module Menu in your Topics Browser and you should see the new module in your list.  

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