ThoughtOffice - here's to the crazy ones ad campaignWith all the hoopla about Steve Jobs passing, I’ve seen dozens of “coming out” stories from people who knew him.

I didn’t. I studied him in granular detail: The Macintosh Way (Guy Kawasaki’s first work on how the Mac was developed and presold to the market). Steve Jobs’ Bio. The new book by Walter Isaacson. And a thousand articles in between.

My only picture I have of Steve I took was him leaving with an old friend from the sacred halls of MacWorld (see below).

This isn’t about Steve. Not directly. This is about how one of the greatest ad campaigns was developed. Arguably, the pivotal event that changed the course of history for Apple, and for you and me if you are at all influenced by Apple technology, content, design and retailing.

Here’s the story, right from the mouth of someone who was not only there. But deeply entrenched in the creative process. You’ll find the inflection points. The associative thinking that rocks the campaign. And the perseverance required to make this campaign come alive.

ThoughtOffice - Steve Jobs Left the Building

Steve Jobs, Ann Winblad, have Left the Building

Hopefully this can provide some insights into the creative, collaborative process. I know it had me thinking multiple times within these 6 short pages.


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