ThoughtOffice ships with up to sixteen Expert Topic Plugin Modules.

Brainstorming Topics with ThoughtOffice Expert Topic Modules

Drilling down with targeted, expert-level questions is the first step in your brainstorming session. This helps you clearly define the problem, with the help of over 200 PhDs, MBAs, and other successful experts from dozens of fields. Click below to watch the video:

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ThoughtOffice IdeaBrowser

Add capabilities to ThoughtOffice at any time. Whenever you need them, you can immediately and affordably add specific modules that meet your current challenges. With hundreds – even thousands – of Questions, Prompts, Web Links and Images, each Topic Module contains decades of knowledge and expertise that can be used to:
  • rapidly learn
  • accelerate creativity
  • drill-down on a subject or problem
  • use for coaching and presentations or
  • help develop training programs.

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