Expert Advertiser Module

Make Your Next Ad Campaign A Winner With Expert Advertiser

Advertising has always been one of ThoughtOffice’s favorite playgrounds… and one of the greatest places to stretch the creative mind. Great advertising relies on associations to create some reaction in your core audience. And the Expert Advertiser Module is the catalyst for well over 10,985,690 (you read that right, over TEN MILLION, NINE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE THOUSAND) associations available from right within our IdeaBrowser Search Engine.

ThoughtOffice Expert Advertiser contains the concentrated expertise of successful ad execs, MBAs, CEOs, and other domain experts, and puts their skills at your fingertips. Their expertise will guide you to advertising success, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether you need to reposition a service, drive a new product to market, or find a way to stop trade show traffic dead in their tracks, ThoughtOffice is the solution. Now you can have the edge you need, 24/7, and a brainstorming team that never filters a potentially killer idea just because of some big ego.

Reg. price: $69.00



Expert Advertiser Expanded Outline

Major Topical Categories:

• Quick Start Advertiser
• General Context and Purpose of Your Ad
• Identifying Your Market, Competition, Customer
• Getting to Know Your Product
• Planning Your Strategy-Brainstorming Your Message
• Assembling the Elements of Your Ad
• Evaluate Your Advertisement

Expert Advertiser Plugin Module – for Mac & Windows

Reg. price: $69.00



IMPORTANT: The Module above is imported into ThoughtOffice in order to function. Once installed it will appear as a pulldown menu under the Topics button.

To see more, download and open the Expert Advertiser Demo Session in ThoughtOffice to view a live preview of our Expert Advertiser module. (You can then use the IdeaBrowser to develop creative responses to the eXpert guidance.)

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