Expert Business Plan Module

Compose a Detailed and Successful
Business Plan

Over 1600 Queries and Details
Plugs into ThoughtOffice to provide over 10,985,690 answers to your business plan questions

In financially uncertain times like these, it’s vitally important to develop a complete, bullet-proof business plan. Investors and associates require it, in detail. That’s what the ThoughtOffice Expert Business Plan module helps you accomplish. It works by asking you the critical questions you need to ask to develop your perfect business plan, and then provides the power of our unique IdeaBrowser brainstorming engine to help you create the ideal answers, in your own language.

Reg. price: $79.00



Major Topical Categories:

• Overview: Thinking Things Through
• Finding the Best Prospects
• Understanding the Proposal Reader
• Your Contingency Plan
• Evaluating Your Proposal
• Appendix A-Proposal Format
• Appendix B-Editorial Style
• Appendix C-Proposal Development Schedule
• Appendix D1-Persuasive Nouns
• Appendix D2-Persuasive Verbs
• Appendix D3-Persuasive Adjectives

Over 200 CEOs, MBAs, and business leaders have contributed to the ThoughtOffice Expert Business Plan Module. Now you can quickly and affordably tap their seasoned expertise to develop your business plan and get your dream of success off the ground… right now.

Expert Business Plan Expanded Outline

Expert Business Plan Plugin Module – for Mac & Windows

Reg. price: $79.00



IMPORTANT: The Module above is imported into ThoughtOffice in order to function. Once installed it will appear as a pulldown menu under the Topics button.

To see more, download and open the Expert Business Plan Demo Session in ThoughtOffice to view a live preview of our Expert Business Plan module. (You can then use the IdeaBrowser to develop creative responses to the eXpert guidance.)

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