Expert Evaluator Module

Seeing the Forest… AND the Trees

Included Free with any ThoughtOffice Program Purchase

Correctly analyzing any situation is a key to success and to clarity. If you could evaluate a situation, and tap into hundreds of minds to see it from many other perspectives (but in minutes instead of weeks or months), just think of what that could produce for you.

That’s the power of the ThoughtOffice Expert Evaluator Module. Successful leaders in schools, companies and governments world-wide use this module to open their minds to possibilities, and to prompt them to remember key issues and how to address them.

We tapped the combined intellect of more than 200 PhDs, business leaders, and domain experts, and condensed their expertise into this powerful module. And once you have the Expert Power of ThoughtOffice behind you, changing the world is a whole lot easier.

Reg. price: $68.00



NOTE: the Expert Evaluator Module is included free with any order of the ThoughtOffice core program, or any ThoughtOffice bundle! It’s our gift to you, to get you started brainstorming, right away.


Major Topical Categories:

• Evaluating Your Mission, Purpose, and Process
• Assess Feasability and Implementation of Your Ideas
• Weighing Costs, Benefits, and Risks
• Assessing Originality, Interest, and Appeal
• Evaluating Simplicity, Efficiency, Effectiveness
• Addressing Humanitarian, Social, Environmental Concerns

Expert Evaluator Expanded Outline

Expert Evaluator Plugin Module – for Mac & Windows

Reg. price: $68.00



Free with any ThoughtOffice Program Purchase

IMPORTANT: The Module above is imported into ThoughtOffice in order to function. Once installed it will appear as a pulldown menu under the Topics button.

To see more, download and open the Expert Evaluator Demo Session in ThoughtOffice to view a live preview of our Expert Evaluator module. (You can then use the IdeaBrowser to develop creative responses to the expert guidance.)

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