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ThoughtOffice Expert PR

Write Arresting Headlines And Create Dynamic Spin… In Moments!

Public Relations is often said to be the engine that drives a product or a company. ThoughtOffice’s Expert PR Module is the engine that drives effective PR agencies worldwide.


Reg. price: $72.00



By providing skilled and relevant prompts, then filling in the blanks with powerful associations, Expert PR quickly helps PR pros assemble product prose in no time. And if you could arrive at effective PR solutions for your clients within minutes, what would that do for your business?

For your client?

With over 10,985,690 possible creative responses, we can’t list them all here. But you’ll get the idea.

Major Topical Categories:

• Defining the Problem
• Analyzing the Organization’s Situation
• Developing Program Goal’s and Objectives
• Developing Program Strategy and Tactics
• Developing Program Management
• Evaluating Program Results
• Developing a Press Release
• Organizing a Special Event
• Appendix A: Public Relations Program Plan Format
• Appendix B: Press Release Format

Expert PR Expanded Outline

Expert PR Plugin Module for Windows & Mac

Reg. price: $72.00



IMPORTANT: The Module above is imported into ThoughtOffice in order to function. Once installed it will appear as a pulldown menu under the Topics button.

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