Expert ScreenWriter Module

Story and Script Writing Module

Features Over 400 Expert Questions

One of the most popular ThoughtOffice plugins is our Script Writing Module: Expert ScreenWriter. Because writing for TV, film and radio requires such a broad knowledge base, and the creative juices don’t always flow during 9-to-5 office hours, it’s helpful to have a tireless companion who can ask you the right questions, and then help you fill in the blanks with the perfect answers.


Reg. price: $69.00



This is what ThoughtOffice is all about: helping to expand your mind, enhance your relationships, and broaden your set of experiences.

Since 1999 we’ve been cataloging associations that have inspired hundreds of thousands of writers composing stories in nearly every genre. And with Expert ScreenWriter you can join the best of them and win your own Academy Award™* for best screenplay.

Major Topical Categories:

• Establishing Your Premise
• Understanding Your Characters
• Developing Your Characters and Conflict
• Evaluating Your Story or Script

Expert ScreenWriter Expanded Outline

Expert ScreenWriter Plugin Module for Windows & Mac

Reg. price: $69.00



IMPORTANT: The Module above is imported into ThoughtOffice in order to function. Once installed it will appear as a pulldown menu under the Topics button.

To see more, download and open the Expert ScreenWriter Demo Session in ThoughtOffice to view a live preview of our Expert ScreenWriter module. (You can then use the IdeaBrowser to develop creative responses to the expert guidance.)

For more information about ThoughtOffice, download our FREE Introduction to ThoughtOffice PDF.

ThoughtOffice has a 49-day, 100% guarantee. Your satisfaction totally guaranteed. We’re here to personally help you with the program, and use it effectively to develop lots of great new ideas – faster and more creatively. We’ll help you turn those ideas into valuable products & services, or we’ll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction.

*”Academy Award” is a registered trademark and copyrighted property of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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