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Get the ThoughtOffice Installer for MacClick the button at left to download the ThoughtOffice Installer for Macintosh.

Get the ThoughtOffice Installer for WindowsClick the button at left to download the ThoughtOffice Installer for Windows.

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Special note for Windows 7 users: It’s vital to be sure your ThoughtOffice folder is located in the Programs folder, NOT the x86 subfolder of the Programs folder. The Windows 7 installer tries to force the install into the x86 folder, impeding the operation of ThoughtOffice.

Mac users: ThoughtOffice needs to be installed in a “ThoughtOffice” subfolder of the Mac Applications Folder. That ensures the program will operate correctly.

Get ThoughtOffice Comic Genius Plugin ModulesNow, you need to get your plugin modules. They are imported into the program one at a time. Click the button at left to download a ZIP archive of all your modules.
For help Importing your Topic Modules, click here for a video and instructions.

Be sure to download the user guideIntroduction To ThoughtOffice – to get started with your new ThoughtOffice brainstorming software.

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ThoughtOffice ImagesFirst, be sure to get your free collection of 2000 stock images, included with your ThoughtOffice bundle purchase. Click here to open the stock image download page in a new window. The password is: smile-click
Da Vinci And the 40 Answers Book CoverNext, download Mark Fox’s book, Da Vinci and the 40 Answers
Best Practices Are Stupid Book CoverAnd here’s an introductory excerpt from Steven Shapiro’s new book, Best Practices Are Stupid.
Here are six videos that describe the overall concept of Best Practices Are Stupid along with overviews of five tips.


Hire People You Don’t Like

Don’t Think Outside the Box; Find a Better Box

The Performance Paradox

Expertise is the Enemy of Innovation

Failure is Always an Option

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Download the user guide – Introduction To ThoughtOffice (PDF) to get started with your new ThoughtOffice software. (Includes a general overview of the program, instructions on how to use the main features, free brainstorming tips, and more.)

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