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Get IdeaFisher Retro7 innovation software todayReady to get back that familiar brainstorming boost only available from IdeaFisher? Good. Because our programming team has created a runtime wrapper that allows you to exploit the explosive creative power of IdeaFisher. It’s that familiar, fast brainstorming engine – now running like a cheetah on Windows 7. The interface remains familiar and Win 98, but the speed and power are nothing short of amazing.

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IdeaFisher Retro7 – Windows 7 Brainstorming Software


How IdeaFisher Works

Start with the IdeaBank to look up related ideas and concepts.  Or just enter a word and search through the associative databank of ideas, words and phrases.

IdeaFisher Innovation Software Startup ScreenThe IdeaBank is an organized storehouse of more than 65,000 idea words, phrases, and concepts familiar to modern society. The software’s cross-referencing power creates more than 775,000 direct associations.

An association is a relationship between two concepts; for example, between an idea word or phrase, a topical category, or a major category and another concept.  Associations trigger new ideas.

Their power to trigger ideas can be attributed to the way in which they are organized. The principle is simple: related ideas are grouped together.

This method of organization is patterned after the way we naturally store information in the human brain.  It explains the common experience of “one idea leading to another”.

Each IdeaBank is a hierarchical organization of subjects. The top level consists of the most general categories and the bottom level is the most specific.

IdeaFisher Categories Windows 71.  Major Categories

2.  Topical Categories

3.  Idea Words & Phrases

Each Major Category contains around 5 to 50 Topical Categories. Each Topical Category contains between 300 to 2000 Idea Words & Phrases, organized by Section Titles.

These Idea Words & Phrases are listed in the Alphabetical Index and are associated with one or more Topical Categories. You can enter the IdeaBank at any level of the hierarchy by selecting the appropriate category under the IdeaBank menu.

Use the Idea Words & Phrases command to begin the brainstorming process by typing in a word or phrase to look up.

Your idea word will be displayed in the Alphabetical Index. (If your word cannot be found, IdeaFisher will display the word closest in spelling to the original idea word entered.)

The Alphabetical Index contains a listing of all the ideas, words, and phrases that can be found in the IdeaBank database.

Once you’ve selected an idea word in the Alphabetical Index, a window will appear to show the associated Topical Categories.

IdeaFisher Hierarchy Brainstorming SoftwareAn Idea Word or Phrase may appear in as many as 100 different Topical Categories.  In the Topical Categories you will find associations to your original word or phrase.

Finally, you can highlight any word generated, double-click on it, and walk up a new hierarchy of categories — a process that creates never-ending loop of associations and ideas.

This process of recycling gives IdeaFisher its unique power to connect a user to his or her own experiences and memories.  IdeaFisher opens the doors to all the rooms that already exist in your mind.

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And IdeaFisher Retro7 has a 49-day, 100% guarantee. Your satisfaction totally guaranteed. We’re here to personally help you with the program, and use it effectively to develop lots of great new ideas – faster and more creatively. We’ll help you turn those ideas into valuable products & services, or we’ll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction.