Frequently Asked Questions About IdeaFisher

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Q. So, if the IdeaFisher Software Tools are so awesome, tell me – have they won any awards?

A. Yes, the IdeaFisher products have won quite a few awards including: PC-WEEK LABS’ “Analyst’s Choice Award”, PC Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice Award”, plus other awards from MacWEEK, MacUser, Home Office Computing and MACWORLD.

Q. What’s the basic concept behind IdeaFisher?

A. IdeaFisher embodies a new approach to productivity – which can be thought of as the ability to leverage your use of time – by acting as a second brain; an artificial intelligence that helps users to think outside of traditional, strict boundaries of thought. The human mind has a vast capacity for recognizing important and relevant information, but a much smaller capacity for recalling data. IdeaFisher’s vast database provides the solution to the human mind’s shortcomings.

Q. Does IdeaFisher really probe my inner-most thoughts and help me create new ideas?

A. Yes. As you use this program, you may occasionally get an uneasy feeling, since the program will prompt you to examine your personal feelings, experiences, values and ideas as they relate to the course of creativity you are pursuing.

Q. Is IdeaFisher easy to use?

A. The IdeaFisher tutorial usually takes about an hour to complete, and will give you a feel for the IdeaFisher program. The manual is straight-forward and packed with handy user tips. Once you understand it, the software’s very simple and you can be creating new ideas in mere moments.

Q. What technical support is provided?

A. Free technical support is always available by phone and email.

Q. How do the modules work ?

A. IdeaFisher question sets (Qbanks) are tools in the form of canned processes which allow you to drill deep into the center of your problem or situation – right into the core. By using the words which describe that core and re-associating with them, you’ll discover the answers for which you’ve been searching.

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