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ThoughtOffice Inventor Bundle

ThoughtOffice Inventor Bundle - Create Your Future

Are you ready to take control of your future?

The best way to protect yourself in this economy is to:

• Find a problem
• Create the solution
• Get it to market


Our powerful Product Development & Invention program will help you do just that.

ThoughtOffice Inventor

With ThoughtOffice Inventor, you can:

Develop a new product – from scratch.
Pioneer a new market – today.
Build a cash-cow – that pays you for years.

ThoughtOffice Product Development & Inventor program



Create something complete new and unique. Or make those few critical improvements – that turn ‘just an app’ into a killer app. (Whether that’s a booklet, software, hardware or conceptware).

Your brain, combined with ThoughtOffice Infinite Intelligence – becomes a platform that grows new products, and new neurons, every single day. It helps hundreds of thousands of users create The Next Big Thing.

“In just a few minutes this program has offered hundreds of thoughts that might have taken a roomful of people hours or days to assemble.” 

“…this software is an engine of facts that are, out of context, relatively meaningless. Touched by the spark of human creativity, however, new ideas spring to life.”  Peter H. Lewis, The New York Times

How It Works

Imagine, being able to almost effortlessly…

Develop Ideas for New Products and Services – then refine and shape your business ideas and easily evaluate your products or services to see whether they are likely to be a great success. And all before you go ahead and spend any money!

Identify your Ideal Customer – then develop the Perfect Name for your product or service to increase its appeal to your ideal customer.

Unleash New Ideas to Turbo charge Your Business – and then communicate those ideas clearly and with maximum impact.

Systematically analyze a situation from a variety of perspectives to Solve a Problem – generate a wide variety of solution options and then easily select the best one.

Clear Mental Blocks – and never again find yourself racking your brain for an outstanding idea or stuck, not knowing where to begin.

Brainstorm and Evaluate a New Business Venture – that comes your way, using probing questions as a “reality check” before committing any of your time or money.

Brainstorm and Think Creatively – to enhance the potential of any Idea to quickly identify ways to improve and expand your idea or concept.

Whether you’re in business for yourself or employed by a small business or a large multinational corporation, you will benefit by understanding how to harness the power of ThoughtOffice Inventor.

At last, you can be the one to wow them all with a torrent of winning ideas.

Don’t ever again ask yourself…

“Now why didn’t I think of that?”

“I’ve used this process to come up with a creative new product name or a solution to a problem. It provides me with countless opportunities to consider an issue from different points of view.”

Howard Fields, Director of Marketing, IBM, Speech and Pen Products


What’s inside the box? Glad you asked:

ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software.

  • Giving you more than 11,000,000 unique thought particles.
  • A complete end-to-end brainstorming platform

5 key Expert Topic Modules: instant access to the thought process provided by real domain experts.
• Expert Evaluator

• Expert Expander

• Expert Product Developer

• Expert Naming

• Expert Problem Solving Solutions

• In addition, you get THE book on Innovation and creativity using TRIZ (the proven inventors and patent-based method).

• 6 Breakthrough Innovation videos from Steve Shapiro, Innovation expert to more than 20,000 innovation consultants worldwide.

• And 2000 stock photo images to embellish your ThoughtOffice presentations.

“Once creativity was inspired by mountaintops, seedy cafes and, if all else failed, deadline-induced panic.”

 “Think what Shakespeare, Edison and Picasso might have accomplished with… computer software like eXpertSystem to spur them on.” – Amy Saltzman & Edward Baig, U. S. News & World Report


ThoughtOffice Inventor Bundle

ThoughtOffice Inventor Software



Here’s a short breakdown of the five Expert Topic Modules:

Expert Product Developer

Expert Product Developer Module

Expert Product Developer Module

Product Development Done Right. The First Time. 

Hundreds of thousands of engineers and creatives use the techniques in our Expert Product Development Module to create multi-million dollar ideas.

• Finding Ideas for New Products
• Improving an Existing Product
• Understanding Your Customer, Market, Competition
• Refining and Shaping Your Idea
• Evaluating Your Idea


Expert Evaluator Module:

Expert Evaluator Plugin

Expert Evaluator Plugin

Correctly analyzing any situation is a key to success and to clarity. Tap hundreds of minds to see from many different perspectives.

• Evaluating Your Mission, Purpose, and Process
• Assess Feasability and Implementation of Your Ideas
• Weighing Costs, Benefits, and Risks
• Assessing Originality, Interest, and Appeal
• Evaluating Simplicity, Efficiency, Effectiveness
• Addressing Humanitarian, Social, Environmental Concerns


Expert Expander Module

Expert Idea Expander

Expert Invention Idea Expander

Take Your Thinking.
Twist it Inside Out.
View it From Every Angle

Use the Expert Expander to convene a panel of experts and have them take a hard look at what you hope to accomplish.

The brightest innovative companies do this before any big launch, because the decisions they make are too important to be adopted without a thorough analysis.



Expert Naming Module:

Expert Naming

Expert Naming Module

What’s a good name worth? Names are worth millions. In fact, a good brand name can be the lifeblood of a company.

So we’ve developed the ThoughtOffice Expert Naming Module with the help of some of the top experts in the industry to help you arrive at a unique, powerful, memorable and effective name.

• Identifying the Purpose of the Name
• Understanding Your Customer, Competition, Market
• Name Generation Techniques
• Evaluating a Name


“Received the ThoughtOffice disc today! Wow! Lightning fast delivery. Used the program this weekend writing tag lines for Universal’s third installment of The Mummy. Man, it really opened up the doors creatively. Thank you!” (Then, some days later…)

“Wanted to let you know that I’m using ThoughtOffice almost daily now and I’ve been recommending it to my colleagues as well.” – Michael Kriegsman

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Make this YOUR year to shine. Invent, Develop and Market like the pros. Protect yourself. Improve yourself. Create your future.


ThoughtOffice Inventor Software



“Imagine a brainstorming partner who never gets tired. Who has encyclopedic knowledge of world events, news items, people and places. Who never laughs at your ideas. Who doesn’t look askance at some of the associations you make. Who can learn from you.”  Bill Machrone, PC Magazine

ThoughtOffice has a 49-day, 100% guarantee. Your satisfaction totally guaranteed. We’re here to personally help you with the program, and use it effectively to develop lots of great new ideas – faster and more creatively. We’ll help you turn those ideas into valuable products & services, or we’ll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction.