A recent image came my way. A good one. A powerfully simple message.
Or simply powerful one.
What to do?
So I reached out via Facebook. And a few hearty souls took note. Commented. Added value to the dialog.
Felt something churning deep and sweet within (thanks for the lyric, Mr Dave Matthews).

My inner typographer felt a greater good could be found.

So here: I bring to you the message from [unknown].
Now presented to you in downloadable PDF and JPG format.
Black on white. White on black.

Enjoy. And let me know how this moves you.
The creative spirit is one of our most powerful gifts. It’s what makes us uniquely human.
Grace & Peace,

5 Responses to Life Is About Creating…

  1. Dolan says:

    Marc! These articles need a facebook share button!!

    Appreciate this.

  2. MarkE says:


    How lame is that! Thanks, Dolan. Hence the reason you get the big bucks.


  3. David says:

    I can’t disagree with your statement out of hand. Very inspiring stuff. This is the real world though so what raw materials do your use in the creation process? The act of creation, as I see it, is an act of bringing newness into existence. If you are therefore going to “create you” you need to know what the nature of the ingredient we call “life” actually is. I think it’s all about potential. Problem: The pattern of intrinsic human potential is far to large to fit into the brain. It’s a huge ocean. Solution: We need a fractal. A cup of that ocean’s water can be apprehended by the intellect and, guess what? If you can understand that small sample you can understand the entire thing. Creation then becomes a lot more possible and there’s a bonus too – you can now show others how it’s done.

  4. MarkE says:

    MobiusMan – Funny – a Mobius strip, in the form of an Infinity, is my favorite shape.
    I won’t go into detail in this little strip of text… but will gladly create a new post to answer as much as possible.

    And I agree: We merely need the DNA of the whole of Creation to get us started on the New New. At least, that’s what I believe. Hopefully I’ll be able to share how our own pattern recognition comes into play here. The combination of existing elements and “aHA!” moments bring the new into view.

    Thanks David, for poking a bit. Much appreciated.

  5. Funny. I was literally thinking this morning “Stop wasting time improving yourself. Improve the world!” Of course, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek but I thought it tied well with the sentiment expressed above.

    Thanks David.

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