OK, so that’s a bit of a tongue twister.

It’s supposed to be. Really.

Erin McKean is one gal who makes language FUN with a capital PH!

Here are a couple of her quotes that leapt off the page at me:

“Our dictionaries have so many holes… A gap in the map”.

“Rocket Science is being performed by dedicated amateurs these days.”

Oh how true!

“The internet is made up of words and enthusiasm… the same thing that makes lexicographers”.

“A word without its source is like a cut flower – it might be pretty to look at, but it dies fast”.

“(in regards to dictionaries) put in ALL the words. No artificial limit on what words are good or bad. We can leave the aesthetic judgments to the writers and speakers”.

“Put in ALL the meanings – not just a symbol, but the actual language. Who doesn’t want more meaning in their life, right?”

“The current (print) dictionary is an 8-Track tape”.

Thank you, Erin. And in case I forgot to mention: cool dress, too.

As I was developing ThoughtOffice (after IdeaFisher sort of “finished” its life-cycle), I was living in Newport Beach, CA. I had plenty of time to reflect on how amazing life could be… sun, sand, really smart people, and seeing the locals at Deitrick’s Coffee on 17th.. ahhh, the memories come brewing-up all over again.

I grabbed a book called “The Artist’s Way” and practiced a few of the exercises between the pages.

One of my faves was the morning “writing without thinking”. It’s easy.

Take 3 sheets of paper and before you even have your first coherent thought, write like crazy, no spell check, no stopping to consider what you just composed. Just fill them babies in without stopping to think.

Because often thinking stops. Stops your creative flow.

I assure you, this was one of the most cathartic exercises I’ve ever done. An amazing way to bring your creative juices to the forefront.

What truly blows me away was what I saw (and you may find) in Erin’s speech: when it’s all stream of consciousness, it’s like a melody. Like a poem.

No, not quite as “holy crap!” as Rives. But damn lyrical.

Our minds work like that. They want to make things beautiful.

So… hopefully ThoughtOffice will help you make some gorgeous language, amazing ideas and fulfilling thoughts… I think it’s closer to what Erin wants than what she gets as a final product in her current employ.

Erin, when we have the resources, you’re a top-3 on our list.

To your lambastic languaging,
Mark Alan Effinger

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