Who Uses ThoughtOffice Software?

Why ThoughtOffice?

Creatives who need ideas… FAST! From Corporate Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing strategies, Mastering Public Speaking, to Writing a Romance Novel, ThoughtOffice idea software make it fast, easy and rich with unique lingo, phrasing and imagery. And your final stream of consciousness brainstorming arrives in a nice, clear linear presentation you can quickly share with anyone… whether in the next office, or across the globe

Executive Business Coaches and Consultants need seasoned expertise on tap and in an instant, with a system to share that information with clients, all while branding themselves and protecting their ideas.

Writers and Communicators who need to convey a message with clarity and enthusiasm… Whether composing the Sermon on the Mount, or mounting the stage to convey a compelling message), ThoughtOffice and IdeaBrowser light-up the page with unique phrasing, character development and images… then provide a fast, easy Composer to collect and stage your message, along with a Power Point-like presenter to get your message across to one… or a thousand.

Educators who have a one-to-many relationship with students, and need both instant access to expert information, and a controlled, secure and fast system to share that info back-and-forth.

Executives and CEOs who need expert information on how to do specific, high-level operations with the experience of a seasoned pro, and the credentials of a PhD in each critical area of their operation.


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