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Creatives | ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software

Creative Writing Software

ThoughtOffice Muse Software

For creative writers, ThoughtOffice Muse is the most advanced solution available today.

Inspired to become a modern-day Hemingway? Shakespeare? Kerouac? Start here.

ThoughtOffice Muse has the powerful tools you need to make your creative voice sing with power and authority.

We’ve combined our creativity and brainstorming software with two great Expert Topic modules that will guide you through the creative writing process, as well as assist you in developing and delivering great public presentations.

Reg. price: $279.00



ThoughtOffice Muse Software

Muse Session

ThoughtOffice Muse combines the award-winning ThoughtOffice Creativity Engine with THREE Expert Topic Modules. The program suite includes:

• Award-Winning ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software , with integrated presentation tools

IdeaBrowser – More than 9,523,680 words, phrases, quotes, definitions, and over 3,000,000 keyword-tagged images, updated with 12,000 to 15,000 related terms per week to provide rich food for your creativity

Topics Browser – Thousands of Expert Questions guide you through the writing process, and help you quickly find the answers you need, in areas of character development, narrative, scene construction, and more

Features the following Expert Topic Plugin Modules:

Expert Writer
Expert Speaker

Bonus Module: Expert Evaluator

ThoughtOffice Muse Software

Reg. price: $279.00



Muse features our powerful Creative Writing Module
Major Topical Categories:

• Creative Writing Exploration
• Developing Your Characters
• Establishing Point of View
• Developing Convincing Scenes
• Adventure, Children’s Lit/Young Adult, Comic, Humor, Fantasy
• Historical, Horror, Literary, Mystery
• Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Western
• Revising Your Work

IdeaFisher Muse Bundle

ThoughtOffice Muse Software

Reg. price: $279.00



To get an idea of the content that is included in the ThoughtOffice Muse eXpertTopic Modules, download and import the ThoughtOffice Muse Demo Session and open the file in ThoughtOffice. You can then experience the full power of the program’s associative capabilities.

For more information about ThoughtOffice software, download our FREE Introduction to ThoughtOffice PDF.

ThoughtOffice has a 49-day, 100% guarantee. Your satisfaction totally guaranteed. We’re here to personally help you with the program, and use it effectively to develop lots of great new ideas – faster and more creatively. We’ll help you turn those ideas into valuable products & services, or we’ll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction.


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  2. […] take time to set up and may lack focus if the group chemistry isn’t right. With ThoughtOffice creativity software , creative professionals can work alone or in groups that may include people all over the planet […]

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