Peter Falk as Detective Columbo I can imagine the eyebrows going up all over the Internet, the quizzical looks, the frantic Google searches on "The Columbo Principle". Allow me to explain myself.

For those of us old enough to remember Detective Lieutenant Columbo, masterfully played by Peter Falk, in his rumpled raincoat and battered Peugeot convertible, we will also remember his catch phrase – "Just one more thing"…

I’ve been trying to do "just one more thing" lately, before taking a break, or logging out for the day, or whatever. Kind of stretching the effort level with "Just one more thing" when I can. It’s a start. And who knows – it might even lead to "discipline".


In the last few days, talking to one of my co-workers here at ThoughtOffice, I realized that part of my success (such as it may be) is that I have co-opted habit and inertia to serve as a substitute for the dreaded "D word" – discipline.

Perseverance - Just One More Thing

Motivation, discipline, or just Napoleon Hill’s Law of Cosmic Habit Force – inertia and momentum can be incredibly powerful tools for success.

So, here’s to a successful 2010 for everyone, be you creative, disciplined, or even just plain stubborn.

David Lockman
Product Specialist,
ThoughtOffice Corporation

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