If you’re having issues with your ThoughtOffice installation, check this out. It’s a quick, 3-minute how-to video.

Installing ThoughtOffice on Windows XP:


When the software is properly installed, here is what you will see in the main
ThoughtOffice folder (C:\Program Files\ThoughtOffice\):


Special note for Windows 7 users:

It’s vital to be sure your ThoughtOffice folder is located in the Programs folder,
NOT the x86 subfolder of the Programs folder. The Windows 7 installer tries
to force the install into the x86 folder, which impedes the normal operation of


Installing ThoughtOffice on Windows XP - Main ThoughtOffice Folder

Note that the file “AltSplash.txt” is located in the ThoughtOffice main folder.
This assures that your software regularly checks for updates.


Here is a shot of the ThoughtOffice subfolder, for reference purposes:


How To Install ThoughtOffice on Windows XP - ThoughtOffice subfolder

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to contact ThoughtOffice Support any
time. We’re always happy to help you get going!

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