To begin, here’s an overview of the ThoughtOffice process:


ThoughtOffice TopicsBrowser provides instant access to the talent of more than 200 PhDs, MBAs and industry experts. The questions and systematic process they provide through this browser helps drill down on problems, clarify situations, and open your thinking


The IdeaBrowser takes words and phrases and brings meaning and momentum to those thought fragments. Applying lateral thinking was never easier. Over 10,985,690 words, definitions, phrases, quotes, word associations, lyrics, synonyms and more than 3,000,000 keyword-tagged images expand on your thoughts, triggering bigger, brighter ideas.

Making sense of your creative explorations is what ThoughtOffice does best. This organizer gets out of the way your brainstorming, effortlessly recording the most important elements of your ideas… so you can share your ideas in a professional, clear manner.

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