ThoughtOffice has raving fans. Here’s a small sampling for your reading pleasure…

“Received the ThoughtOffice disc today! Wow! Lightning fast delivery. Used the program this weekend writing tag lines for Universal’s third installment of The Mummy. Man, it really opened up the doors creatively. Thank you!”

(Then, some days later…)

“Wanted to let you know that I’m using ThoughtOffice almost daily now and I’ve been recommending it to my colleagues as well.” – Michael Kriegsman

“So glad to see a Mac OS X version of this. I’ve been using my old OS 9 IdeaFisher and Writer’s Edge for years — thanks!” – Kate Bornstein

“Love the 60 second how-to videos. Great for an executive like me with limited time. Thank you for the great technical support. You guys rock! Thanks again!”Michelle H.

“These (ThoughtOffice) guys love their product and believe in it. It was more than I expected. I received thoughtful and personal service in getting up and running with their newest edition of the software.” – M.S., Beanstalk Ideas

(From a customer whose hard drive crashed, lost everything, and needed to reload ThoughtOffice in a hurry…)
Thanks for your quick response – love the product, by the way – cheers!” – Cullen M., NYC

“My order was filled promptly, and I received an immediate response to my query. I’m really enjoying using ThoughtOffice. I’ve only had it installed for a week or two, and it seems to be pretty intuitive, once you get a hang of the underlying concepts. The add-on modules, the mini-browser, and the millions of associations (especially the Word Association and Images) of ThoughtOffice are excellent! Big thumbs up to ThoughtOffice!” – D. Andrews

“I sincerely wish to thank you for your help. I appreciate everything you have done and I see why your company was recommended to me. Thanks again, and may you have a prosperous New Year.” – W.C. von K.

“Very friendly. My questions were answered, by e-mail, in less than an hour. They believe in their product and it shows.” – C. Hampton

ThoughtOffice provided excellent service, great product once we got into using the various features (and learning the language). Would definitely do business with this vendor again. Planning to upgrade as soon as the new modules are available.”Dan Bulleit,

“Great product… documentation has improved over the previous version I certainly haven’t used everything yet so I can’t comment on it all. I would recommend it to any person who is depended on for ideas however. Customer service has been very responsive, unlike many other products online.” – L. Davison

On the terms of our user license: “…very nice touch on allowing it on THREE machines; that’s very customer focused, which I may add you have demonstrated personally and should be commended, HIGHLY. I’m a performance measurement specialist, metrics, analytics, etc., and work with lots of medium to large enterprises, so I know of what I speak… thanks so much for everything!” – Michael Ross, Sensible Analytics

From a customer who recently purchased ThoughtOffice CEO: “I can’t think of anything that could have made the experience better!”V. Murphy, Dublin, Ireland

“Wow! I got a response on a Sunday and within a few minutes, DOUBLE WOW. So many programs that I’ve purchased say they have support but NOT LIKE THIS… thank you for your professionalism.” – Glenn Smith, San Francisco, CA

From a customer who had lost his CD and could no longer run ThoughtOffice:What freakishly wonderful Customer Service skills you have. In all my forty-five years, I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleasantly surprised by a response from ANY business regarding ANY concern. Here I am, a customer of I-don’t-even-remember-how-long-ago, emailing you asking to send me a copy of something I bought a long time ago. You took the time to look me up, then respond to me with a totally unnecessary mea culpa when somehow losing my software was clearly my own doing. I was so shocked by your graciousness that I circulated my email and your response to all of my co-workers… you simply give the customer what they ultimately desire. Thanks again,” – John Woods, West Hollywood, CA

Regarding our resolution of the Export to HTML & Text issue: “You guys are terrific!! This updated beautifully and now all works accordingly. I appreciate your help and your diligence in working this out. What a great team and development staff. Kudos to you guys!” – Karekin Yarian, The Punk Monk

“Wow! I can’t thank you enough! Already registered and happy… Your helpful, timely responses are uncommon these days. You have earned a very loyal customer.” – C. Garrett, Carnival Valor


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